Rob Grayson


Rob’s heroes have always been disc jockeys. “I especially admired the ones who could take the canvas of the fourteen-second intro of a teeny-bopper song and paint a masterpiece. From my youth, I strove to emulate them. I had the good fortune to walk in some of their footsteps, albeit a respectful pace behind.”

The Mississippi Delta in the 70’s was a great place to begin a career in radio. Rob’s first after-school job was doing the afternoon shift at an easy-listening FM in his hometown of Greenville at age 14.

George Klein brought him to Memphis and WHBQ, in 1976. Most of the ensuing time has been spent in the general Memphis radio community, and producing and engineering at Wilkerson Sound Studios. Rob’s wife traces her roots back to Covington, so he has always counted his time here as time spent well with friends and family.

Rob says “Thank you for letting me share part of your day on US 51 Country, 93.5 FM!